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Has technology replaced the great outdoors?

Posted by James Walsh on

I brought my 8 year old grandson fishing a few weeks ago. Because of how hot it has been lately I decided to make an early morning trip. My plan was to be on the water fishing at day break and as soon as it started to heat up we would head on in. I pulled up to my  first spot in the Louisiana marsh just as the sun was peeking over the horizon. Got my grandson situated and before I could even pick up my pole, "Fish On" he had hooked a descent "slot" redfish. I coached him through the landing process as I manned the landing net and soon the redfish was on board the boat. My grandson was all smiles. I took care of the redfish, helped my grandson re bait his hook and again before I could grab my pole BAM! "Fish On". He had hooked another redfish. We repeated the process of putting the fish in the boat. We did this 2 more times. I was thinking to myself, This was the best case scenario. I had actually put my grandson on the fish and now after this experience he would be hooked on fishing for life. After landing his 4th fish my grandson looked at me and asked how much longer we would be there. I found this a rather odd question as he was catching one fish right behind the other and seemed excited. I asked him if he was ready to leave and he told me yes. When I asked him why he told me, "I'm bored. Fishing is boring. I'd rather play video games". What? Video games? I felt like someone reached in and ripped my heart out! As a kid I would fish all day long if I was catching or not. This perplexes me, but from what I'm witnessing my grandson is not the only one. We are raising a nation of video gaming couch potatoes. Now I'm not trying to bash video games, but there is more to life than just the virtual world. We have to figure out away to spark the interest of our youth to get them in the outdoors. I'm not talking just fishing. I was just sharing my personal experience. We have to get them outdoors. It could be hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, sports, it doesn't matter we just have to get them outside with out a gaming device or phone in their hand.