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Spring is upon us!

Posted by James Walsh on

It’s spring time! As the water heats up so does the fishing. As a lot of species are going into “prespawn” they are trying to eat as much as possible in preparation for the spawn. Top water action should be ready to exploding as well. I went after some Bass this weekend and caught fish on just about every bait I casted. I have a video up on Walshhog Custom Bait’s YouTube channel go check it out. I know a lot of people are having to deal with high, dirty water which makes things difficult, but you can still catch fish. For dirty water use darker color lures and lures that make some noise like lures with rattles. Just about every lure we offer at Walshhog Custom Baits has rattles and makes noise, so even if fish are not feeding you can still get a reaction strike. It’s time to get out there and go fishing!!! Git U Some!


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