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Why a custom painted bait?

Posted by James Walsh on

Why buy a custom painted bait? Why not just go to a “big box store” and buy a bait off of the shelf? With a custom painted bait someone has poured their heart and soul into coming up with a pattern and color scheme. Most custom bait painters get their patterns and color schemes through countless hours of trial and error. It is a true art! Most custom painted lures are one of a kind to one degree or another. Unlike “big box store” baits, custom painted lures don’t come off of an assembly line. In most cases they are being painted in someone’s home. When you give a custom painted bait as a gift you are truly giving someone something special. Every custom painted bait you buy has a little piece of the artist that painted that bait inside of it. Custom painted baits are art make no mistake about it. Sure they maybe a little more expensive than “big box store” baits, but a lot more has went into to them. When you buy a custom painted bait your also supporting the “little guy” and giving back to the local economy. Next time you want to buy a lure/bait consider thinking out side of the box and buy something special. Buy a piece of art that catches fish. Anyone can give a bait from a “big box store” as a gift, but a custom painted, one of a kind, sure enough fish catching, piece of art, now that’s something special!


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